Fine Cyclo® High Precision Gearboxes DA Series

Gears with high precision and the highest torque density in a single stage

Angular contact ball bearings integrated directly into the gearbox housing.

The improved design provides very accurate motion quality with increased torque density and bearing capacity.

・Highest torque density of our single stage gearboxes
・Ideal for robotic and machine tool applications
・Fully sealed modular design available with motor adapter and clamping ring

Lost Motion 1.0 arcmin
Alowable Peak Torque 613 - 4000N•m

257 - 1686 

The rating torque is the value at the input speed of 1500r/min.

Reduction Ratio 29 - 119
Output Shaft Flange shaft
Output Shaft Direction Universal
Number of Sizes 6 sizes

Key Product Facts

1arc min
Lost Motion
29 - 119
Reduction Ratio


High-performance, compact Design

High-speed shaft bearing support

Easy Assembly

Flat Output Shaft


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