FC-A Mounting kit no output-side storage

Fine CYCLO® High Precision Gearboxes A Series

Compact type for indexing

Component type Cyclo Drive for indexing with high precision.

Simple and easy-to-use basic type.

  • Compact
  • High-speed shaft bearing support
  • Shipment  filled with lubricating grease

Type and major bearing model:

  • FC-A None
    F1C-A Cross roller bearing
  • F2C-A Taper roller bearing

Input Shaft Variants:

  • Keyway
Lost Motion 1.0 arc min
Allowable Peak Torque 336 - 7613N・m
Rated torque

142 - 3728N・m

The rating torque is the value at the input speed of 1750r/min.

Reduction ratio 29 - 119
Output Shaft Frange shaft
Output Shaft direction Universal
Number of Sizes 6 sizes


Key Product Facts

1arc min
Lost Motion
Reduction Ratio


Compact Design

Pre-filled with grease

Grease lubrication, the unit is filled with grease at the time of shipping.

High-speed shaft bearing support

Easy Assembly

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