HEDCON Worm Gear (Reducer)

High-efficiency, high-strength double-enveloping worm reducer

  • The low friction coefficient of the gear contact for high efficiency.
  • Cr-Mo carburizing steel material is used for the worm, and special phosphor-bronze casting is used for the wheel, which realizes a long life.
  • Small rotation unevenness with low noise and low vibration.
  • Lightweight and compact for its high load capacity.

*HEDCON is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Large load capacity

The hourglass worm gear allows the entire tooth surface on the worm to engage effectively. In addition, teeth engage at a large area of the wheel tooth surface, resulting in greater load capacity.

High efficiency

The angle between the line of contact and the sliding direction is large.
As such, a lubricant film is easily formed on the tooth surface, resulting in a small friction coefficient on the gearing and realizing high efficiency.

Long life

The wheel is manufactured of high-quality Cr-Mo carburized steel material and special phosphor-bronze casting to provide high wear and seizure resistance, resulting in a long product life.

Low noise/small rotation unevenness

With a large number of teeth engaging, as well as a precise tooth profile, quiet operation is achieved while attaining small rotation unevenness.

Compact and lightweight

Large rate value realizes compact for its high load capacity.