smartris+compact drive
smartris+compact drive

smartris - Packaged-Drive Solutions for AGV/AMRs

Combination of three smart components. A compact, integrated, and intelligent solutions of : Gear + Servo Motor + Drive.

Complete Package Solutions of Gear, Servo Motor, and Drive.

  • Best fit for AGV or AMR driving.
  • Compact size achieved by in-wheel structure.
  • Easy installation and commissioning.
  • Filled with long-life grease (when shipped from factory).
  • Customization available on request.

The in-wheel structure realizes space-saving in AGV/AMRs. It contributes to lower the height of AGV/AMRs and more effective use of internal space. In addition to Normal Drive, Compact Drive with a small footprint are also available.

Capable of supporting a wide range of payloads

Multiple sizes and reduction ratios are available, allowing you to design AGVs and AMRs that support a wide range of payloads.

smartris weight
High performance servo control

High speed, high precision, and high responsiveness are achieved by high-resolution servo control (the drive’s internal control resolution is 16384 inc/rev).
The system can operate at an industry-leading max speed of 2.0m/s and max acceleration of 1.0m/s2.

Superior safety

The CYCLO gear reducer principle with excellent impact resistance is used for the gear part. With a focus on compliance with “ISO 3691-4: 2020 Industrial Trucks Safety Requirements and Verification” and “JIS D 6802: 2022 Automated Guided Vehicles and Automated Guided Vehicle Systems - Safety Requirements and Verification”, an optional version with STO (Safe Torque Off) capabilities is also available*.
*Regarding the STO function of the Compact Drive, it will be supported soon.

smartris construction
Gearmotor (Gear + Servo Motor)
Standard Specifications
Rotation Feedback Resolver with a resolution of 4096 Note) 1 (provided with a 1 m cable)
Brake Note) 2 PM brake (for holding)
Wheel The wheels are to be prepared by the customer, but they can also be provided by the manufacturer as an option.

Note) 1. The control resolution inside the drive is 16384 inc/rev.
           2. The brake is for holding when parked and cannot be used for braking. Contact us if you wish to use the product for braking, such as an emergency stop.


We have a variety of options available to meet your specific requirements.
The wheel option allows for quick and easy AGV/AMR design and fabrication.

Rotation Feedback Absolute encoder with a resolution 4096 Note) 1 (provided with a 1 m cable), or absolute encoder with optional safety features with a resolution of 4096 Note) 1 (provided with a 1 m cable)
Wheel Wheels with urethane tires

Note) 1. The control resolution inside the drive is 16384 inc/rev.

Wheels with urethane tires

Optimal drivers for AGV/AMR are available.

  • Gain control adjusted for common AGV/AMR applications
  • Implements CANopen (DS402) or RS-485 Modbus RTU
  • Equipped with emergency stop input function
  • A compact driver with a width of 120 mm and a weight of 310 g is also available.
smartris drives
mouse and compact drive

Compact driver as small as a mouse, 120 mm wide and 0.3 kg in mass. 80% smaller than Normal Drivers.
Despite its compact size, it offers the same high performance and reliability as a Normal Drive and contributes to space saving in AGV/AMR.


The controller is not included in the smartris package. The product has been tested and verified to work with the following controllers in communication mode.

  • BlueBotics/Autonomous navigation system ANT lite+ (CANopen)
  • Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd./Laser positioning system ICHIDAS, industrial controller HX series (RS-485 Modbus RTU) 

Please refer to the brochure for detailed specifications.