Inverter SF-520 Series

Easy-to-Use, Simple Inverter for Gearmotors

  • Easily set up parameters.
  • Use the communications software on your PC to centrally manage the inverter parameter settings.


Powerful Inverter suitable for SUMITOMO Gearmotor

SF-520 series inverter is ideal to operate SUMITOMO Gearmotor because it has automatic torque boost function for high starting torque and high braking torque due to built-in regenerative braking circuit.

Easy Operation and Parameter Setting

Easy operation is achieved by 8 panel keys. The parameter can be set easily by the setup mode. The changed parameter can be confirmed easily by using the verification function.

Easy Parameter Management

A copy of the parameter values settings by the LED operator can be used to transfer to other inverters.
Parameter setting file can be managed using PC setup tools.

Major Standards of the World

PC communications software

The inverter parameter settings can be centrally managed on your PC.

  • PC communications software: SDWP001