HBB renders with iE3 motors
HBB renders with iE3 motors


Helical gearbox with CYCLO® reducer input.

Offset parallel, helical gearbox in a rugged integral, shaft-mounted design.

  • Parallel shaft gearmotor, with hollow output shaft
  • Integrated Cycloidal Technology
  • Long life and very high shock resistance
  • Abundant options and applied products
  • Ideal for Screw-Conveyor applications


Output Shaft Hollow Shaft
Output Shaft Direction Horizontal, Vertical, Upright
Mounting Method Shaft Mount, Flange Mount
Number of Sizes 6 sizes
Reduction Ratio 11 - 4,365
Motor Capacity 0.1kW - 30 kW
Motor Type

Three Phase, Premium Efficiency, High Efficiency, For Inverter, Outdoor, Increased Safety Explosion Proof, Flameproof, Overseas Standard, High Speed Hollow Shaft


Sumitomo’s Helical BuddyBox provides innovative shaft-mounted drive solutions for demanding applications. Helical BuddyBox combines the efficient and reliable performance of the Cyclo input with the rugged helical-gear output. The modular design provides a compact, efficient product and the most flexible range of output speed and torque combinations available.

Key Product Facts

Motor Capacity
Reduction Ratio


Modular design

Interchangeable cast-iron housings in flange, face or shaft-mount configurations.

Long life and excellent shock resistance

The input stage uses our Cyclo speed reducer or planetary gear which allows a greater shock resistance than parallel shaft gears and a longer operating life.

Parallel shaft gearmotor, with hollow output shaft

Long life bearings

Oversized, heavy-duty bearings for maximum strength and service life.

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