PARAMAX 9000 Series (Reducer)

Featuring quick delivery while ensuring high quality by systematic parts structure

  • Highly functional gearmotor is available in 26 sizes and a wide range of options.
  • Features high dedendum strength. Gearmotor with high load capacity, capable of withstanding strong shock loads.
  • Newly designed cooling fan and cover, resulting in a substantial increase in the thermal rating.
  • Housing structure applicable to any mount type: horizontal, vertical, or upright.

*PARAMAX is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Wide size variation

It offers both high quality and wide variation in sizes by systematic parts structure.
26 size variation realizes a smaller torque gap between frame sizes, contributing to your best selection.

High strength gear

In comparison with the ordinal pressure angle of 20°, Paramax 9000 series adopts a 25° pressure angle gear with a thicker dedendum for higher strength.
This realizes high load capacity and shock load resistance.

Low noise

Low noise resulting from optimized gear tooth profile modification and rigid housing design.
High-strength housing which minimizes deformation under loads is achieved through FEM analysis.
It maintains good tooth contact and realizes low noise.

Larger thermal capacity

Larger thermal capacity is gained by new designed cooling fan and cover.
This system benefits to handle severe situations such as continuous operation.

Larger Thermal Capacity
Universal housing

The same housing corresponds to any mount type, horizontal, vertical, or upright.
It can meet your needs flexibly.
*Ensure to specify the mount type when you order.


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