SF Coupling

Easy mounting/dismounting, steel-flex coupling absorbing vibration and shock

  • The grid spring (tapered grid) absorbs shock loads.
  • Easy mounting/dismounting
  • Long-term maintenance-free operation is possible with long-term grease (LTG) filled.
Large transmission capacity

Quenched and tempered high tensile strength spring material and compressive residual stress achieved by precise shot peening expand the transmission capacity significantly, extending its lifetime.

Long maintenance intervals

By using long-term grease (LTG) for the coupling, it is possible to extend maintenance inspection periods remarkably.
You do not need to lubricate further unless a grease shortage occurs in the grid part by applying LTG grease when installing.

Easy assembly

As the taper grid has a single layer, anyone can fit it into a designated position effortlessly.
Hubs of smaller models are cleared into the shaft for easy assembly.
You can assemble the cover using standard tools.

Easy maintenance

Removing the taper grid is easy by simply removing the cover, requiring only a screwdriver or wrench, allowing for grid replacement without moving connected equipment or realignment.

Plentiful inventory

SF Coupling and its parts are in stock for immediate supply through our sales network.

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