DC Coupling

Maintenance-free and zero-backlash disk coupling with a high allowable rotation speed

  • Accurate phase control without rotation unevenness since there is no backlash and high torsional rigidity.
  • The high-precision bushing inserted between the element and the bolt allows it to handle a higher rotation speed than other couplings.
  • Grease or lubricating oil is not required since it does not have friction or rolling parts.

Under the normal operation, you only need to check the looseness of bolts and nuts.

Large torque transmission

Its optimal design achieves to transmit large torque with compact size.

Easy mounting/dismounting

DCP type consists of disk element, bush, and washer in a package, allowing extremely easy mounting/dismounting of the coupling.

Large allowable misalignment

Its allowable misalignment is large enough at 0.5 - 1° in deflection angle. Furthermore, its allowable parallel eccentricity can be adjusted according to the spacer length.

Light thrust load

As the thrust load generated from coupling is light, loads for the drive shaft and bearings can be minimized.

Plentiful inventory

DC Coupling and its parts are in stock for immediate supply through our sales network.

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