Inverter HF-520 / HF-X20 Series

High Torque & High Performance Sensorless Vector Inverter

  • Sensorless vector control ensures reliable gearmotor start-up.
  • Utilizes long-lasting condensers and cooling fans, which ensure a long service life.
  • Parameters can be configured for specific uses.
  • Use the communications software on your PC to centrally manage inverter parameter settings.
  • Compliant with d2G4.
Powerful Inverter suitable for SUMITOMO Gearmotor

Sensorless vector control allows for high starting torque (150% or more).
Deceleration time can be shortened by the overexcitation operation of braking function. This inverter is ideal for SUMITOMO Gearmotor operation.

Easy Parameter Setting for the Application

The most suitable parameters are pre-set automatically by choosing the type of applications such as conveyor, lifter and etc. This will help to reduce testing and commissioning time.

Easy Parameter Management

A copy of the parameter values settings by the LED operator can be used to transfer to other inverters.
Parameter setting file can be managed using Engineering Tool for PC.

Long Lifetime Inverter

The capacitor and cooling fan are designed for long lifetime operation (10 years).
Maintenance time can be checked by LED operator.

Corresponds to major standards of the world