Inverter HF-620 Series

Easy-to-Operate, High Torque, and High Performance Sensorless Vector Inverter

  • Easy operation and settings
    Parameters and monitor can be set easily with the dial. External operation is also possible with a remote operator of the color LCD (optional).
  • Powerful inverter suitable for gearmotors
    The high starting torque due to sensorless vector control realizes sure start-up of gearmotors.
  • Communication functions
    Modbus-RTU (RS485) communication is supported as standard specification.
  • Flameproof (d2G4) specification is available in the lineup.
Easy Parameter setting using the Dial

Parameter setting and selection of monitoring is easy operation using the dial on the panel. This will help to reduce parameter tuning and test run time.

Powerful inverter suitable for SUMITOMO gearmotor

Sensorless vector control allows for high starting torque (150% or more). Since SUMITOMO motor parameter is built-in, HF-620 is suitable for driving SUMITOMO gearmotor.

Communication Function

Modbus-RTU (RS485) communication is standard equipment. Communication option unit (C1-CCL-H) for CC-Link can be attached on the panel.

Friendly to the environment

HF-620 adapt recycled grade resin for the case, supports the realization of a recycling-oriented society. HF-620 contribute to energy saving because it can drive the permanent magnet motor of high efficiency.

Corresponding to major standards of the world