IB Series P2 Type

Low backlash, high rigidity and high torque gear reducer

The most suitable for indexing with low backlash.

Compatible with servo motors manufactured by major servo motor manufacturers.

  • Helical gears for lowest vibration and noise
  • High torque density unit with angular ball bearings for high load capacity
  • Adaptable servo motor connection
  • Simple motor assembly with clamp ring connection

Output Shaft Variants:

  • Keyless solid shaft type
  • Frange shaft type
  • Solid shaft type with keyway
Industry-leading compact size

Compact size and high rigidity due to case with internal gear.

High accuracy and high rigidity

As high precision angular contract baring with large diameter is adopted for supporting the output shaft, these products can support large radial load with compact casing.

High capacity

This is a high capacity type that supports motor capacities up to 37 kW.

Low noise

Helical gears provides lowest vibration and noise.

Compatible with various servo motors

Motor adapters are compatible with major motors produced by servo motor manufacturers.

Simple motor mounting
After direct coupling the servo motor and reducer with a bolt (prepared by customer), the input shaft is fixed by tightening the built-in clamp bolt with a torque wrench, so it can be used immediately.
Selectable output shaft type

3 type output shaft are available.
You can choose the one that best suits your application.

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IB Series PE Type

Low-cost, short delivery type

Allowable peak torque
7.2 Nm - 270 Nm
64 in-lbs - 2390 in-lbs
Reduction ratio
3:1 - 81:1
15 arc min
IB Series PK1 Type

Low backlash and high rigidity right angle gear reducer

Allowable peak torque
35 Nm - 380 Nm
Reduction ratio
6:1 - 243:1
6, 15 arc min
Shaft configuration
Right Angle
IB Series - P1 Type
IB Series P1 Type

Low backlash and high rigidity gear reducer

Allowable peak torque
35 Nm - 380 Nm
Reduction ratio
3.7:1 - 81:1
3, 15 arc min
Shaft configuration