what is SDT

What is Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Sumitomo Drive Technologies is committed to continuing to provide first-rate products and services to the world as a global brand for variable speed reducers. We have sales offices and facilities around the world in order to provide quality products and support to our customers where they need it.

What is Sumitomo Drive Technologies?

Our mission at Sumitomo Drive Technologies, as a global brand for various speed reducers, is to continue providing first-class products and services globally. We offer an excellent product lineup suitable for a variety of applications, from small gearmotors to large gearboxes and precision control reduction gears, as well as peripheral devices such as inverters and couplings.

Brand Logo


In 2003, we introduced the Sumitomo Drive Technologies brand, which integrates subsidiaries all over the world into one seamless, global brand.
As your trusted partner, Sumitomo Drive Technologies is committed to strengthening relationships with customers globally, and enhancing our support systems, while focusing on manufacturing quality-oriented products.

Global Network

With over 10 manufacturing sites, 30 assembly plants, and more than 200 sales offices around the world, Sumitomo Drive Technologies consistently provides quality products and support worldwide.