COMPOWER Planetary Gear Drive DP1000 Series (Drive Unit)

Planetary gear reducer of high torque yet radially compact size

  • By adopting the gear pressure angle of up to 27°, the bending strength of the dedendum is greatly improved, enabling a machine design that is highly resistant to shock loads.
  • With original ideas and mechanisms, the total length has been significantly reduced.
  • Modular design allows the unit to be compatible with different configurations using only a minimum number of parts.

*COMPOWER is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Wide variation of the lineup

Applicable to various specifications with less number of parts by adopting modular design. 

  • Applicable to reduction ratio of 5 -1400.
  • Applicable to foot, flange, and shaft mount.
Drive unit

Prepared full lineup of direct motor mount type of 0.2 - 55kW (drive unit).
The integrated structure of the reducer and the motor allows a simple layout of parts.
It eliminates the necessity for alignment operation and manufacturing the base, saving labor for installation.

High strength and rigidity of planetary gear system
  • Equal gear arrangement of planetary gear system
    The optimum distribution of load to each gear is secured by the planetary gear system and structure.
    A slimmer diameter can produce a bigger transmission power of torque.
  • High-pressure angle gear
    A pressure angle of up to 27° provides higher bending strength of the dedendum, which is suitable to handle shock loads.