Inverter HF-430NEO Series

Inverter HF-430NEO Series

Clear operation using the colored liquid crystal display

Inverter HF-430series is now much easier to use! The High Performance Inverter HF-430NEO features:

  • Clear operation using the colored liquid crystal display.
  • Powerful operation for the gearmotor.
  • Easy data copy to multiple inverters.
  • Sensorless vector control ensures gearmotor start-up.
  • Built-in noise filter reduces noise.
  • Compliant with d2G4.
HF430NEO crystal display
Easy operation using the colored liquid crystal display!

Intuitive, easy-to-use LCD operator is standard. Easily monitor, set, or review operational data and parameters.

cyclo foot mount

Cyclo Gearmotor

Powerful operation for the Geared motor!

The sensor-less vector control provides High starring torque and High performance. (Starting Torque 150% or more)

HF430NEO for multiple inverter
Easy data copy to multiple inverters!

Operation panel is removable and memory is built in.
Parameter data can be copied to multiple inverters, which allows users to replace inverter in a short working time.

Optional Cassette

Optional cassettes are able to connect easily to HF-430NEO. Optional cassette is preparing a communication option and Analog Input/output.

  • Analog Input/output:P1-AG
  • Communication:PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CC-Link
Easy Maintenance

Cooling fun and the capacitor for the main circuit is designed for 10 years life.
When the life of component (cooling fan or capacitor) is near its end, an alarm can be generated based on self-diagnosis.
If the battery (CR2023) is used, real time data is retained even when the power is turn off.