Inverter HF-430NEO Series

Clear operation using the colored liquid crystal display

Inverter HF-430series is now much easier to use! The High Performance Inverter HF-430NEO features:

  • Clear operation using the colored liquid crystal display.
  • Powerful operation for the gearmotor.
  • Easy data copy to multiple inverters.
  • Sensorless vector control ensures gearmotor start-up.
  • Built-in noise filter reduces noise.
  • Compliant with d2G4.
Applicable Motor 5.5 kW - 55 kW
Sensorless Vector Control
Compliant with d2G4
Compatible with global standards


Clear operation using the colored liquid crystal display

Intuitive, easy-to-use LCD operator is standard. Easily monitor, set, or review operational data and parameters.

Powerful operation for the gearmotor

The sensor-less vector control provides High starting torque and High performance. (Starting Torque 150% or more)

Easy data copy to multiple inverters

The operation panel is removable and memory is built-in. Parameter data can be copied to multiple inverters, which allows users to replace inverter in short working time.

Optional Cassette

Optional cassettes are able to connect easily to HF-430NEO. Optional cassette communication option and Analog Input/output. Analog Input/output : P1-AG Communication : PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CC-Link

Low Maintenance

Long-lasting parts are used in the smoothing condensers and cooling fans (10 years design lifetime). You can check the maintenance timing via the life notice signals.

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