COMPOWER Planetary Gear Drive DP1000 Series Gearmotor

COMPOWER® Planetary Gear Drive DP1000 Gearmotor

Compact, High Torque Planetary Gearmotor

  • 27° pressure angle results in increased gear dedendum strength, as well as the ability to withstand heavy shock loads.
  • Compact, torque dense design.
  • Modular design allows the unit to be compatible with different configurations using only a minimum number of parts.
Output Shaft Hollow Shaft, Solid Shaft
Output Shaft Direction Vertical Upward
Mounting Method Foot Mount, Flange Mount, Shaft Mount (optional)
Number of Sizes 26 sizes
Reduction Ratio 5 - 1400
Motor Capacity 0.2 kW - 55 kW
Motor Types Three Phase, Premium Efficiency, High Efficiency, For Inverter

Key Product Facts

Pressure angle results in increased gear dedendum strength.
Total length has been drastically reduced.
Interchangeable parts allow for compatibility with multiple configurations.


Multiple Mounting Methods

Available methods include: foot mounting, flange mounting, and shaft mounting.

Drive Unit

Integrated reducer and motor for a compact design. No need for cumbersome motor alignment or platform fabrication.


The unique planetary gear design allows for optimal distribution of load on the gears. The slim external diameter allows it to achieve superior torque transmission.

High Strength and Rigidity

The use of the 27° maximum gear pressure angle results in a drastic increase in gear dedendum strength, as well as the ability to withstand heavy shock loads.

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