Planetary Gear Reducer for Servo Motors IB Series PE Type Goes on Sale

On May 21, 2018, the Power Transmission & Controls Group of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., began sales of a new type in the Planetary Gear Reducer for Servo Motors IB Series PE Type  , the main type of gear reducer for accuracy control.

Since the Planetary Gear Reducer for Servo Motors IB Series  first went on sale, it has earned an excellent reputation for compactness, accuracy, and high rigidity. This series is employed in industrial machinery fields requiring high accuracy, such as machine tools, but in recent years there has been growth in servo motor applications, and there are increasing needs in general industrial fields such as food product machinery, packaging machinery, and conveyor.

The PE type going on sale this time achieves high cost performance and a short delivery period by reducing backlash to 15 arc minutes, and adopting a simple model lineup. The result is a product designed for ease-of-use by the customer.

Going forward, we will continue to develop products to meet customer requirements.



  • Economical series with superior cost benefit.
  • Shipping in as little as 3 days from receiving your order. We can accommodate your request for quick delivery.


Technical Information

Backlash 15 arc min
Motor Capacity 50 W - 5.0 kW
Allowable Peak Torque 7.2 - 270 N⋅m
Rated Torque  2.3 - 91.0 N⋅m
Reduction Ratio 3 - 81
Output Shaft Keyed Solid Shaft (can also be used without key)
Output Shaft Direction Universal
Mounting Method Flange mount
Number of Sizes 4 sizes
Input Speed

Up to 6000 rpm

Main Applications

Packaging machinery, conveyor loaders, FA (Factory Automation) equipment, peripheral equipment for printing machinery, cardboard machinery, and woodworking machinery, etc.