Sydney, Australia


181 Power Street
Glendenning NSW 2761
Tel: +61 2 9208 3000
Fax: +61 2 9208 3050
Email: [email protected]
  • Assembly
  • Sales Office
  • Service Center

In 2013, the Sydney operation moved to a brand new, larger facility, located in Glendenning, NSW (see photo above). With our newly formed Sumitomo (SHI) Hansen Australia Pty., Ltd. business combining both Sumitomo & Hansen businesses, it made good business sense to move both operations under the one roof.

Glendenning is to be the main source of supply for our total gear motor range, supported by our Rowville, Victorian operation. A large inventory of gear motor parts enables Cyclo, BBB, HBB, Hyponic and HSM (SMSR) to be built quickly and delivered to our customers on time. Paramax and P4 (our large industrial Gear box range) are also supported with stock, housed at Glendenning, for OEMs in the Eastern states.

The new building, with 2,300 m² of factory floor space, has ample space for stock, production, and service areas to be separated into different areas.