Assembly, Sales Office

Guatemala, Guatemala

SM Cyclo de Guatemala Ensambladora, Ltda.

Parque Industrial Unisur, 0 Calle B 19-50 Zona 3, Bodega D-1 Delta Bárcenas,
Villa Nueva, Guatemala

TEL   +50 (2)6648 0500
FAX   +50 (2)6631 9171

SM Cyclo de Guatemala Ensambladora, Ltda. (SMGT), started its assembly operations in Guatemala on May 2013 providing products and services to the different market industries in which, thanks to the preference of our commercial partners, has become an indisputable power transmission leader in Central America. We have assembly of the following products: CYCLO®, HYPONIC®, Bevel BUDDYBOX®, HSM; and we also provide aftersales services of our PARAMAX® industrial reducers line.

Key Facts

Power Transmission

The only assembly plant in the region

Total Area

1,680 m²

Delivery Times

6 to 10 days