Service Center

Service Technical Center

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Power Transmission & Controls Sales Co., Ltd.

大府市, Aichi, Japan

TEL   +81 (562)45-6402
FAX   +81 (562)44-1998

In April 2018, we opened the "Service Technical Center" in the city of Obu in Aichi Prefecture to further enhance our customer support capabilities.

At the Service Technical Center for Sumitomo Heavy Industries PTC Sales, we continue to strive for innovation to create valuable technologies, in our effort to become the center of customer support for reducers and gearmotors.


Key Facts

Development of Service Technologies

Through the development of jigs and tools necessary to perform repairs, and by installing the latest systems, we are working to prevent unforeseen contingencies and to improve repair techniques.

Training for Service Technicians

We are working to upgrade the skills of our service technicians through classroom lectures and practical training.

Strengthening Our Repair and Maintenance Capabilities

Our equipment and systems are ready to handle everything, from small to large, as well as special models.