Manufacturing, Assembly, Sales Office, Service Center

São Paulo, Brazil

Sumitomo Indústrias Pesadas do Brasil Ltda

Rodovia do Açúcar, km 26, S/N,
Itu, SP, Brazil

TEL   +55 (11) 44039292
24 HR   +55 (11) 44039292

Sumitomo Drive Technologies began its Brazilian operations in the 1970's, offering products and services to a wide range of industries, with an initial emphasis on the steel industry. Thanks to our customers we have become the preferred provider in the power transmission market and have expanded our presence into several other markets over the years. Whether your industry is mining, steel, grains, meat or poultry, Sumitomo has a product for you from our range of 12 product lines, such as: Paramax®, Cyclo®, Hansen, Bevel BuddyBox®, Hyponic®, HSM, Altax® Neo, Astero®, Fine Cyclo®, IB Series P1, Prest® Neo, and Cyclo® Servo 6000.

With our continued investment in Brazil, in 2011 we opened a new manufacturing plant in the city of Itu-SP. This new location produces the traditional line of Paramax® gearboxes and also assembles our Cyclo® line of products. In addition, the Itu-SP plant also provides product support, including service on many non-Sumitomo brands.

Key Facts


In the city of Itu-SP, our new facility has 20,000m² of manufacturing space.


Manufacture medium and large industrial gearbox reducers for the traditional Paramax 9000 product line, as well as the assembly of the Cyclo line of products.

Special Gearboxes

Strong local engineering and manufacturing flexibility, we design and manufacture custom gearboxes for a wide range of applications.

Product Suport

Modern infrastructure, offering support for Sumitomo standard and multi-brand products.

Interchangeable Gearboxes

Interchangeable gearboxes ("Drop-in") solutions for products with same dimensions as existing units from other brands.

Wide Range of Products

Wide product portfolio, from small geared motors to large special gear units we have the solution for your application.