Nagoya Factory

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., PTC Division

6-1 Asahi-cho
Obu-shi, Aichi
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly

The Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. PTC Division Nagoya Factory has been manufacturing the CYCLO® Reducer, as well as other reducers, motors and variators, since it began operations back in 1961. To meet the needs of our customers, and in pursuit of high efficiency and quality, the factory utilizes the latest in manufacturing equipment and special-purpose machines.

As the main factory for the PTC Group, and as the mother factory for overseas manufacturing, we will continue to provide high-quality products and services worldwide.


Products manufactured: CYCLO® Reducer, BUDDYBOX® Series Reducer, IB Series, FINE CYCLO® High Precision Gearbox, BEIER® Variator/BEIER-CYCLO® Variable Speed Gearmotor