Antwerp, Belgium

Hansen Industrial Transmissions NV

Leonardo da Vincilaan 1
2650 Edegem
Tel: +32 3 450 12 11
Fax: +32 3 450 12 20
Email: [email protected]
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Hansen Industrial Transmissions NV (HIT) is an established global industrial gearbox designer, manufacturer and supplier. They provide durable gear drives for a wide range of industrial applications throughout the world and have established a dedicated international service network. The Hansen Industrial Transmission headquarters has been ISO 2001 certified since February 1, 1991 and has 270 employees.

They have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Flanders, Belgium close to the harbour of Antwerp, the second largest harbour in Europe.

Strong in-house R&D operations, project business knowledge, a wide range of application oriented and service friendly products maintain HIT's technological leadership.

Key Features

Engineering Hub
Engineer to order, global R&D centre for gearbox
Hansen P4 single stage, Hansen P4 multi stage, Hansen P4 Uniminer, Hansen P4 Vertical, Seisa gears, gear shafts, pinion shafts, housings
Strong Manufacturing Capabilities
50 gearboxes/week, different sizes
Service / Aftermarket
Global service and service support, maintenance, inspection, service, repair of all Hansen and non Hansen gearboxes, spare parts
Sales / Sales Support
All Hansen and non Hansen gearboxes
Local Stock
Hansen gearboxes, parts
30000 m² / 322917 ft²
Land Area
50000 m² / 538195 ft²